Farthis Village

Welcome to Farthis... Now Piss Off!

We reached Farthis right at dusk. The gates were already closed and there was no guard around to speak with. We noticed a woman through the gate picking berries near the wall. After asking her several questions with the answers basically being ‘stick it up your arse outsiders,’ we decided to camp out right outside the town. Not certain about the area, we posted watches and Zivon and I slept in our armor knowing it would be painful in the morning. It’s tough to sleep in spikes…

Eventually, the gate opened and we strolled into town thinking we’d find Melrilial and figure out what the heck was going on. A couple of guards stopped us and informed us that we weren’t to cause any trouble, but if trouble came seeking us, they wouldn’t help. I found that to be an interesting way to keep order. Moments after that, we were brutally attacked by a roving street gang by the town’s fountain. Maybe some of the town guards were in on this little assault and get a kickback for looking the other way. Some humans…

The gang was well-armored and equipped. All of their stuff fit very well in my haversack and I mentally appraised all of their fine-looking equipment. A little too fine for a back-water gang in my opinion…

We stopped at several houses and at a local tavern, but no one had seen the elven ranger (who you would think would stick out like a sore thumb around this town). Especially after the xenophobic racial slurs the “fountain gang” were shouting at us. The drunks in the tavern did mention talking to the mayor about a town treasure after I bought them another pitcher of weak, watered-down ale.

Mayor Crethium at the village hall was polite and very understanding as I explained the situation with the “fountain gang.” Contrary to expectations, he was pleased that the bullying gang was disposed of. They were thugs that preyed on townsfolk and outsiders and he claimed his guards couldn’t do much about them because they were too strong. I felt the mayor wasn’t being totally honest and surreptitiously drank a detect thoughts potion. As I waited for it to take effect, the mayor talked about staying away from a few very xenophobic townsfolk (The Cattle Baron and Tull) and mentioned an eccentric recluse named The Klab. I was a bit perturbed that the potion was taking so long to work and he excused himself saying that he needed to get back to work. As we went back outside, I felt the overwhelming urge to go swimming. I think I ended up drinking the potion of swimming I had in my pack. BAH!

The Klab was very friendly and had an excellent mug of dwarven ale for me. Now that is hospitality! He also gave Cavyon an arrow. Cavyon said thank you and put it in his pack. I didn’t think much about it until now, but The Klab seemed to want to come across as old and a bit batty, but there was a shrewdness behind those eyes that I think I caught once or twice in his glares.

We met an interesting couple of humans called Tock and Varliss. They claimed to not know anything and were very polite, however; after we left, Aramis told us his “evil-dar” screamed evil about those two. We decided to go to a few more places to try to get a little more information before we accosted those two.

The Cattle Baron was… interesting. Hideous, grotesque, revolting, no shirt, very rude-almost your typical baron. A young boy was peddling meats to the few stragglers on the streets when we sauntered in. He tried to ask a silver for the meat (which looked fairly decent for meat that has been sitting around for days without any sort of refrigeration-it was only halfway green!). The paladins both bought meat from the young boy who, upon closer inspection, looked beat up and bruised. Something was wrong with his arm as well and I took pity on the poor kid. I healed up his bruised with a minor spell and corrected the issue with his arm. The paladins questioned the young lad until the whole story came spilling out. Abusive father, beaten mother, trying to save up enough money to leave. Sad, but nothing that I haven’t seen before. That’s one of the things about traveling with paladins: they want to save everyone. Ehhhhh, but it was a kid, so I didn’t mind too much. The (wealthy?) paladins offered to give the boy the remaining money that he needed to leave Farthis forever with his mother. They suggested he and his mother flee to The Klab’s and hide until we came for them. He was overcome with gratitude and after the paladins cleared it with The Klab, that pretty much sealed the deal.

After that, I wanted to exhaust all of the leads for people who may had seen the elven ranger, so I went to Tull’s property and was promptly attacked by four large dogs. Not wanting to kill animals who were only doing their master’s bidding, I used a sap acquired from an earlier adventure to knock the dogs out. Sure, everyone else helped too, but after Tull wouldn’t talk to us, I ended up healing the dogs so they didn’t even have a scratch. Moradin’s blessing to banish wounds has become an excellent benefit for me.

Tock and Varliss were just itching for a fight, so while the goody-two-shoes of the party debated whether or not to leave them alone, I acted. I ran full speed through the wooden fence the back and after crashing through, got tangled up in some tree roots and fell to the ground. The two evil humans were waiting for us on the back porch apparently planning an ambush, so once again I believe my quick action saved us from potential disaster. They were a dark cleric and a dark wizard. Their spells flew at us rapidly, but our combined might took care of them before they had the chance to cause permanent damage. Their equipment also fit very well in my pack…

I almost forgot to mention something… After the two were slain, Zivon was very excited to explore the large vegetable garden in the fenced-in backyard. He took a couple of tomatoes and some tobacco. As we watched him take his well-deserved spoils of war, we found a rope dangling in the garden among the tomato plants. A quick pull led us to discover a secret passage leading underground. Zivon was so happy he promptly bit into the tomato… and became immediately cursed!

After a brief heated discussion, they chose to rest back at The Klab’s reasoning that if the elven ranger Melrilial was down there, they would have a better chance rescuing him at full strength. I wanted to continue on under the reasoning that if he was down there and still alive, the sooner the better, right? I was out-voted 3-1, but I still considered going down the passage myself. I came to my senses as I thought, well maybe the “fountain gang” and the dark cleric and dark wizard have treasure inside their homes that they wouldn’t be needing anymore…


as the Jack with his mother, he thought to himself how lucky they were that these adventurers came to Farthis. He was tired of defending his mother from his father’s rage. He asked The Klab if he ever heard of Mosstone, Klab told him he heard is was busy town that located on the Trade Way.He said it is a fine town, with many great opportunities for them. Jack wondered if his mother might be able to meet a nice man who would love them both. Jack nervously sat facing the door, waiting for the adventurers to take him to his new home.

Farthis Village

as the Baron came into the butcher shop he realized that almost all of his meat has been taken. He yelled for that pitiful excuse for a wife to come out and explain herself…..but she never did. He looked all over for her and that bastard son. He always felt that the brat was never his, but he felt his mother told him if he could not remember what happened that night,he must do the right thing….bah the right thing was taken her out to the woods and ending the problem. Ashe sat on the stool he realized that maybe it was a blessing they left…now he doesn’t have to share any of his wealth….better yet, now he can finally fulfill his father wishes…… to serve the………

Farthis Village

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