Cavyan starts his Project

Cavyan stood in the doorway of Azkain’s workshop, surveying the entire workspace with his eyes sweeping across the room. His mouth parted with a smile, “Oh yeah, this’ll work.” He quickly found the tools and materials he thought he’d need and got to work on his project. Immediately feeling at home and in his element, he toiled for hours straight, not even breaking for a drink of water. As his hands worked, his mind wandered. He was brought back to his time in the city of Illul. Remembering back when he once walked the halls of the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration with the admirable Elvin cleric, Orrin Ellesar. His thoughts picked through fragments of the conversation they once had. “So you truly are interested in following this path hmm?” Orrin had asked inquisitively. “Yes sir.” Cavyan had respectfully replied, nodding his head. Orrin continued to explain his reason for questioning. “It’s just that.. you aren’t at all like most of the types that join us.. in fact you seem quite the opposite in some ways. We are normally quite a solitary folk that keep to our work and focus. You, on the other hand, seem to be a lot more interested in socializing, learning about people and making friends.. Just seems odd that you are interested at all..” Cavyan took in what Orrin had said with a furrowed brow and sincerely replied, “I am interested in creation and creativity, not what you consider to be the ‘usual lifestyle’ that comes with it. I believe that you can balance your time between friends and work and still be able to accomplish your goals. There are a lot of good people in the world, and it’d be a shame to not acknowledge them.” Orrin gave a half grin to Cavyan as he said, “Yes, but even ‘good’ people will let you down Cavyan, this you will learn. You need to put your faith in things you can have confidence in.. things that you create yourself.. you will find this with time.” There was a slight pause as they continued to walk, and then Orrin continued. “The others are skeptical of your dedication, because of your how they view your personality, but I see that there is more to you than that what they think. There is great creative potential in you. I know, you will make the Wonderbringer proud.” Cavyan finally took a short break from his work to wipe the sweat off his forehead. The words rang through his head once again, “…even ‘good’ people will let you down.. you can have confidence in things you create..” With a strike of his hammer, he flashed back to a much more recent memory. There he stood, with a pack of frightened kobold womenfolk behind him, Thor standing in front of him with his hammer in hand. “And what if I tried to dispense ‘justice’ on them myself?” Thor had inquired, eyeing up the terrified Kobolds. “Then I would defend them, for I gave them my word, they would be safe.” Cavyan had responded, holding his ground between them. Thor’s simple reply of “You wouldn’t survive…” sent thoughts rushing into Cavyan’s mind. The fact that Thor would even entertain the idea of killing him, just to go ahead and massacre a few little, cowering kobold women, made Cavyan uneasy. Even after the situation had finally defused and they were walking the kobolds to the town, Cavyan thought to himself, “This is who I am traveling with?.. someone who seems as though he could turn on me over such a thing? I need someone I can always count on, not someone I don’t know if I can trust..” Cavyan took a step back from his work, staring at the form that his creation was starting to take. The sweat dripped down his face yet again, but he did not brush it away as his mouth audibly said, “Maybe you were right Orrin.. Maybe I need to put my trust in what I create.. and create, I shall.”


‘It takes time to forge the bonds of trust,’ thought Thor. Traveling with an eccentric elf, a towering string-bean of a human and another half-elf that was so nondescript it wasn’t worth commenting about him was enough to drive any sensible-minded dwarf to the brink of madness. Though, while mere fledglings as campaigners, the raw potential of those three was there to be something truly special. At least the young elf passed the test of honor and courage that Thor sprung on him. He was willing to fight for what he believed in even if it was against overwhelming odds of survival. ‘I can respect courage like that,’ mused the dwarf. ‘It will be interesting to see how Cavyan interacts with me now…’


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