J&H Part 2

I am sure Thor was quite surprised by Ariel, so I told Thor the story of Ariel’s parents and creation. I wanted to show Thor that I trust his knowledge of Ariel, but more improtantly, I wanted to show that Mosstone/Tethyr needs his skills & integrity to ensure no one succumbs to evil plans of many evil organizations. I told Thor we should head back to the house so I can talk to the others.
Once inside I was met by Cavyen & Aramis, as they were preparing to make themselves a plat of the mornIn spread that laid in front of them. I sat down with them to explain why I brought them to Mosstone, their importance to the cause and how their own desires can be achieved here. I brought in a surprise for Aramis, it was in the form of an old friend from Cormyr, Zivon the Lean. He told Aramis he was sent to tell Aramis that his father was gravely ill. He also gave a Aramis a ring that was his fathers, that was a family heirloom. Aramis seemed concerned, but I could tell he was holding back deeper feelings. He is really trying to show the group his “tough” side. I am really proud of how he has changed since his arrival to Mosstone, I knew Father Olmrek was right when he told me of Aramis’s potential.
I asked the others to join me in the barn so they could meet Ariel for the first time, it seemed to go well them as it did with Thor. I offered all of them the job of protecting Mosstone/Tethyr, all the resources of my home, my home as their home and finally I told them of the arrangements with the shops in town. Just then Sara came bursting in sobbing……


Hooray! Someone else posted something on the adventure log besides Thor! All hail Moradin!!!

J&H Part 2

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