Joyous Acceptance & Horrific Outcomes

As I came down the stairs in the early morning, I was met by the company of Thor. He too, was an early riser, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to answer any questions he would have. Also, it would allow me to present to him my offer. I was surprisingly nervous, with expectations for the day.
Thor asked me several questions and I answered them all with the conviction of my desires. I presented him with my offer to join my group. I explained to him, not only the importance of this group, but how this was an opportunity for him to establish an reputation of his own. It seemed to me, he liked the proposal, but to show him my trust I had in him and the others. I asked him to join me outside in the shed.
As we made our short walk to the shed, we had a cool breeze blowing in our faces. The morning birds we battling each other with their morning songs. We opened the door to the shed and walked in. Thor stood a couple of feet inside the open door, as I walked deeper into the shadows. I asked Ariel to come out of the shadows and introduce herself to Thor….what Thor saw might have surprised the confident dwarf. She stepped out and dropped her cloak…..
Before him stood a 6’1, black hair that covered almost half of her face,pretty girl with a body that was half girl/half red dragon. Ariel had a womanly shape mixed with red dragon scales.She had a pair of wings on her back that never quite stretched out to their fullest capacity. In a shy calm voice she said,“Hi”. I watched Thor as his eyes grew very big….



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