Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Some very good lawyering.

We returned to Kirkwall and were almost immediately made honorary halflings. Once again, this mayor is really a piece of work. He assumed that things went well just because we had a couple of prisoners. He was so grateful, he offered to give us the dead family’s farm as a reward. Now I know nothing about farming and Cavyon knew about as much as I did, so we kind of looked at each other and decided to think about accepting that reward. The trial of the five kobolds was very disappointing. I subtlely suggested to Cavyon that in place of execution or freedom, the kobolds work on our farm as punishment. Cavyon and I argued some very good points about morals and ethics and lawyer-stuff and we may end up opening a law-firm someday if this adventuring thing doesn’t work out. The mayor was skeptical about this citing that the way of life in Kirkwall wouldn’t be able to be preserved without someone watching over these kobolds as an overseer. Just then, Kiejliche (I think of him as “K”) burst in from his travels. Apparently, this human was a wizard who helped protect the town. He offered his son to work the farm with the kobolds and we thought we had an excellent situation brewing on our hands. Free labor, some money coming in constantly for us. We’d be regular lords of a fiefdom. As is turned out, (while I still insist he’s a figurehead) the mayor had the ultimate decision on what to do. Wouldn’t you know it, the little halfling let the kobolds go free. Seriously!?!? Send five female kobolds untrained and unarmored into the wilderness to either die of starvation, wolf attack or to get picked back up into the fold of breeding more of those scaly vermin? It was as good as a death sentence, and now that I think about it, maybe that was a good idea after all.

The halflings threw a big party in our honor. We turned down the farm as a reward and that’s when my opinion of the mayor improved a little bit. The little guy felt bad about how everything went over and gave us a bag of gold as a reward. After that little incident, the boar’s blood ale was even more delicious.



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