Skull-Crusher gets paid

A bag of gold will make anyone smile.

After the whole “magical-maze” incident with Cavyon and Skull-Crusher, Cavyon and I decided on how much of the haul we were going to give Skull-Crusher. There weren’t any magical items in particular that would have helped a big half-orc like him (scrolls, wands, that sort of thing) so we decided that nothing says thank you like a huge bag of gold pieces. We counted out 790 pieces of gold and I kept debating how to present it to him. He really didn’t ask for anything or wait around to see how we split the treasure up, he just went back to his job without even a by-your-leave. Being as how both Cavyon and I appreciate good work when we get it, we decided to just use the straight-forward approach. I considered setting up a trust-fund or trying to protect him from his money (some people just don’t know how to invest or save for the future) but after pondering it over for a while, my common sense told me that a large creature like that will relate best to a huge bag full of gold. I couldn’t remember the name of the place he worked at (I think it was the Paradise Saloon ) so I went off in search of him. Quickly enough, I found Skull-Crusher bouncing a couple of rude and rowdy customers out of his establishment and waited for him to be done before asking for a private moment of his time. “Hello Skull-Crusher,” I said when we were away from inquisitive looks. “Hi Thor!” he growled back. “I wanted to let you know two things while I was here,” I said with a grin. “First, I wanted to check on your hands to make sure you weren’t still having trouble with your wounds from before.” “Nope, they are good. They pound faces really good. No hurting,” Skull-Crusher replied. “That’s good. I’m sure that they are doing their job admirably.” Skull-Crusher looked a bit confused, so he just nodded. "Second of all, and much more importantly, "I continued, drawing it out a bit for a little theatrical flair, “I wanted to give you this as a large token of my appreciation for the excellent help you gave me bashing all of those monsters.” I reached into my Haversack (Heward’s Handy of course) and pulled out the fifteen-plus pound bag of gold coins. I placed the sack in his hands with a nod. “Here is payment for your monster-bashing skills. Plus a little extra that I felt was well-deserved.” Skull-Crusher looked inside the sack and slowly smiled a big toothy grin. “Skull-Crusher like gold. Maybe if Skull-Crusher not too busy, Skull-Crusher maybe help you bash more monsters some time and get more big bags of gold. Okay, go back to work now.” Skull-Crusher turned and went back to doing what he did best: scaring the snot out of people into behaving properly. I dusted off my hands and with a smirk on my face walked towards Drake Crownshield’s Inn known as the Dripping Beard…


Me think that Thor is good dwarf. Glad I could help dwarf and elf fight things. I hope they ask me again to go with them. Me have good time bashing heads with axe. Me wonder if Skullcrusher should stop working at saloon. Me make more gold and have lots more fun with Thor & Cavyen. Me need to think about choice…….me wonder what’s for supper!!

Skull-Crusher gets paid

He is a bit conspicuous, but he handles himself well in a fight… Note to self: keep an eye out for a large greataxe for this behemoth. Receiving a present like that could turn him into an excellent bodyguard…

Skull-Crusher gets paid

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