The Next Installment...

Installing the Next Mint?

A copy of the notes from the game played on 11/19/11:

1. Met Melrilial after telling Thor’s story to Caveyon
2. Melrilial was to meet a contact outside of Farthis, he was captured by an ambush (the half-demon), group was asking questions about dragon burials around Tethyr, Melrilial helped Azkain defend the Wealdath, the burial ground was at the Starspire Mountains per Melrilial’s information, a mining group is set up there and they are missing people, Pwent is the contact
3. Red dragon in the eastern Starspire (Balagos- “The Flying Flame”)
4. Group agreed to go to mine, human went shopping, Thor and Caveyon caught up, Thor met Sydd (a thorn) and Tyc (Caveyon’s automaton)
5. Left town @ 12:00 pm, good luck
6. 5 hours on the road south, 3 werewolves attack (Caveyon killed with spell)
7. Gargoyle ambush 4 hours later, corpse fell on Aramis
8. Met merchant on road @ 7:30 am, looking to sell weapons and armor
9. Met Pwent (dwarf), good relationship established
10. Bud, Thud, and Cud (miners) spoke about iron ore, gold nuggets, and mithril ore
11. Group entered third mine opening, explored 1st area, found ooze-like creature, slew
12. Discovered battle between Gray Render and Xorn, group chose to attack xorn as Gray Render appeared to be protecting humanoid corpse behind it (also, the Xorn radiated evil)
13. Thor holy smite on Xorn (and Gray Render) minimal damage
14. Found mithril ore.
15. Thor found dead dwarves (and humans).
16. Found captured and penned rothe (beasts of burden similar to yak).
17. Thor got frustrated and in a fit of temper grabbed a miner’s pick and luckily broke through a thin wall with a pick. Discovered duegar dwarves collecting dragon bones on the other side.
18. Monologue from an evil dude Thor had never seen, but the other members had- the bad guy disappears and left his cronies to fight.
19. Big fight
20. Good guys win, no casualties
21. Thor examined dragon bones, slipped, and fell in toxic sludge. Received special powers.
22. Remaining party member voluntarily jumped in.
23. Amazing powers followed.
24. Thor was offered the Starspire claim at a reasonable rate as the owner was looking to retire.
25. After consulting the books and thinking about it, Thor chose to purchase the mine.
26. Thor chose to branch out the ownership to his comrades with Zivon purchasing 10% of the mine and Caveyon purchasing 20% of the mine. They receive a percentage of all profits based on their percentage of ownership.



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