Trail leads to Thentia

….Sara pleads with the group to find Dax. She said he was bored with his life in Mosstone and wanted to experience the life of an adventurer. Sara thought it was just one of Dax’s childish fits, but she never thought he would actually do it. Cavyon & Co. assured her that they would find Dax and bring him home. Sara started to leave , stopped briefly by the door, turned and locked eyes with Cavyon. For a moment it felt like no one else was in the room, then she went home. Azkain offered the group supplies that were pre-made for them and anything that was in the garden(Zivon took a lot of things) and also gathered the horses and pony for the trip.
It took them almost a day to travel to Thentia,along the way they learned more about Zivon and each other.As they reached the northern gate , they were met by the town guardsmen. It was 5 gp to enter town, the guard explained it was to keep out the troublemakers. One of the guards blurted out with a laugh," watch out for the brightsword" and then was quieted with a stern glare from the head guard. Aramis asked them if they seen a young boy recently in Thentia. The guards all looked at him like he was crazy and replied “many”. Aramis then asked if they saw a young boy with a group of adventurers lately, which garnered the same look and answer,“many”. The head guard stepped in at that point and told the group they have seen many come in because of the lottery that is happening tomorrow. If they are looking for more information they should head to the local inn, The Beacon.



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