Where Thor Was...

Well that was unexpected...

1. Thor meets with Azkain. He asks for a teleport to and from The Great Rift to settle some personal business that cannot wait. Azkain agrees to help.
2. Thor is teleported just outside of Rockhome, home to King Thorbardin.
3. Thor is greeted by General Stonefist, Commander of the Dwarven Army (Hammers & Axes, battalions are based off of gems and then either a hammer or axe, examples: emerald axes or ruby hammers)
4. General Stonefist informs Thor of discord of the guilds and buyers due to missed shipments and financial payments missed. General Stonefist also reports that something is suspicious with the King.
5. Thor knowingly acknowledges hardship and confides in the General that he has returned with funds to suppress the creditors.
6. Thor meets with King Thorbardin and informs him of his finances. He has 20,000 gp in cash and another 60,000 gp worth of goods that can meet the demands of the most delinquent accounts. The King is stiff and formal upon hearing this positive news and treats Thor with very little regard.
7. Puzzled at the actions of the King (being his sire), Thor meets with the High Councilor and arranges the meetings for the creditors to arrive in three days to settle delinquencies.
8. Thor discovers that many allow situations have arisen over the three days he waits: guild masters are rebuffed in their usual weekly meetings with the King, several battalions of Hammers and Axes have been mobilized and deployed to different areas of The Great Rift by the King’s orders (not the General’s), and dark dwarves have been admitted into the palace under the preface of a diplomatic mission (which has never happened before). Thor is concerned that something is amiss.
9. Addressing his concerns to General Stonefist, Thor’s suspicions are confirmed. The General had noticed a change in the King shortly after Thor left. Irrational business decision, strange confidants, and temperamental mood swings have occurred, all which is unlike the King.
10. On the morning of the fourth day, a representative comes with a small entourage. He is haughty and cold, with a hooked nose. Lazlo is the representative for Nogard ehtfot Luc (no-gah-rud ATE-fu Loo-kuh), which is an organization that has a surplus of funds and pompous assholes. Pompous and degrading, representative Lazlo blatantly degrades the dwarven nation as an untrustworthy bunch of beggars and scoundrels who lie, cheat, and steal their way to “prosperity” directly at the King and his council.
11. Enraged, the dwarven high chancellor, general, and high priest pull their beards and send dark glances at representative Lazlo, but the King does nothing.
12. On a hunch, Thor surreptitiously uses his rod of enemy detection and most strangely, it points directly at the King. Stunned, Thor feigns an illness (receiving a contemptuous sneer from Lazlo and a few more choice insults about weak dwarven constitution) and leaves quickly.
13. Thinking rapidly, Thor quickly moves to a hidden alcove that he spent many a meeting at listening to private meetings and negotiations. While there, he buffs with spells and casts a dispel magic directly on the King, thinking some sort of enchantment is being the strange behaviors of his sire. The King’s features briefly distort, but then he regains his features.
14. Stunned by the obvious magical assault from somewhere nearby, the dwarves leap into action while Representative Lazlo keep shrieking that an assassination attempt was just made on him.
15. Enraged, Lazlo swears to sends bounty hunters after every Thunderbeard on Faerun and after reaching into his robes, pulls out a scroll and reads it quickly. With a flashy puff of smoke, Lazlo disappears.
16. Thor re-enters the room and with a cold look in his eye, the King orders all dwarves from the room except for Thor. The King accuses Thor of spying and assaulting the Representative (which Thor knows is a blatant untruth). The King officially banishes Thor from The Great Rift and orders him to shave his beard thereby removing any influence he has with the Thunderbeard clan.
17. As Thor attempts to refute these claims, King Thorbardin summons the Diamond Axes (personal guard) and orders Thor removed from the chamber. Struggling against the dwarves holding him by his arms, Thor repeatedly questions the motives of his father in the form of “WHY?!?! WHY ?!?!”, but receives no response. As Thor ventures once last glimpse of the throne room, his father’s face melts into the form of a gray, humanoid mask and it silently laughs at him.
18. Given the opportunity to collect his things (and money) Thor vows to return and free his people from the monster he knows rules his dwarven home of Rockhome.
19. Thor meets in secret with General Stonefist and confirms the General’s suspicious about the King. The General promises to keep an eye of the people of Rockhome while Thor continues his assignment given to him by the REAL King of Rockhome.
20. Knowing that money is in short supply, Thor give the General 8,000 gold pieces and tells him to make sure there are loyal battalions of hammers and axes that will help protect the people in case things get worse. The grateful General appreciates Thor’s gesture and gives him a new dwarven-made large steel shield +3. (essentially bought, but a better read that way)
21. Shortly before the teleport spell takes affect, Thor shaves his beard…



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