5/23/11 5:30 pm Sunday Game

As everything isn’t exactly fresh in my mind, here is the synopsis from the notes I took…

1. Met Azkain (powerful wizard)

2. Met two adventuring companions: Aramis Faelnor (Paladin or Honorable Fighter—Half-Elven) & Cavyan Aethurion (Cav-ee-Ohn Aay-thur-ee-ohn—Elven Magic User)

3. Agreed to do Azkain a favor and go to Mosstone (local town) to pick up shipment of goods for him. (2 other adventurers accompanied)

4. Met Orlam Blackrock (gnome merchant, owner/proprietor of Perfect Cut) and established a genial business relationship. Other merchants of note were: General Store- Umbert Bramblefoot (male halfling) and Melah Bramblefoot (female halfling); Cade’s Aides-Cade Dardragon (male halfling)

5. Gathered information about local happenings. A caravan was attacked along a path from the village of Irydell to Mosstone. Valuables were taken and goblins/orcs were suspect.

6. Returned goods to Azkain. Decided to travel to Irydell to see what happened.

7. Ambushed by two orcs and two goblins en route (Cavyan fell, healed by Thor.) [Two suits of scale mail and two morningstars acquired].

8. Reached the town of Irydell. Mayor Talvoden in charge. Claimed a warband was coming and that many villagers were leaving.

9. Thor, Cavyan and Aramis chose to help the village. Contract was negotiated and signed for services rendered. Spoils of war were not included in contract.

10. Assaulted orc/goblin stronghold cave. Slew eighteen orcs and six goblins total. Acquired morningstars and scale mail (carried using a magical bag).

11. Discovered leader of bandits were exiled twins formerly of the village. Captured them ALIVE and returned to Irydell per contract stipulations.

12. Acquired treasure (see treasure posting for treasure breakdown.)

13. Returned to Irydell for reward and prestige increase among townsfolk.

Thor Thunderbeard
The beginning

While in The Vast, Thor Thunderbeard was attempting to open new trade routes for his clan. His merchantile expertise came in handy during various situations, but it didn’t assist him in creating a solid trading partner in the area. During the Faerunian calendar month of Tarsakh, Thor was following a lead he received about a powerful wizard named Azkain. He was told to rendezvous with a woman named Selandra Worthington in order to eventually be taken to this wizard. He tied up a few loose ends and was led to a boat of which he was expected to ride in order to get to the town of Mosstone.

During the sea voyage, Thor intervened during a struggle below-deck. He attempted to diffuse the situation peacefully, but the criminals had a different frame of mind for their female victim. Though unarmored, Thor was able to defeat the vagabonds and help the woman. The remainder of his trip was uneventful as he spent most of his time in his small cabin feeling queasy…


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