More from Thor!
Thor gets more information...

It’s a good thing I ended up leaving the party in the middle of the journey last time. By warning the guard patrols around the area about the goblin attacks, they were not taken by surprise and were not ambushed by sneaking green-skins. Thanks be to Moradin for calling me away at an appropriate time.

I traveled back to Azkain’s figuring that I wouldn’t be able to catch up to the others and lo and behold, Azkain was meandering around “collecting supplies” that he had forgotten. I’m not sure about how much I believed him, but he had be fairly straightforward with me, so I didn’t call him on it. We had a brief conversation about the state of the area and how the group was faring so far, but he didn’t have time to talk much because he requested a personal favor once everyone came back. Supposedly, an elven ranger known as Melrilial had traveled to the Farthis (not the farthest) village to check out a potential lead of some cultists in the area. He wasn’t specific in the details so it made me believe he was hiding something from me. The odds are good that it was the Cult of the Dragon. With the two paladins I’ve been traveling with fanatically preaching about Tyr all the time, I’m not surprised that Tyr haters have started to take notice of us. Anyway, Azkain gave me a crudely-drawn map on how to get to this village. It was only about twenty-five miles south of Mosstone, so it was within a day’s journey. Shortly after Azkain left, the rest of the group stumbled back to Azkain’s…

Cavyan starts his Project

Cavyan stood in the doorway of Azkain’s workshop, surveying the entire workspace with his eyes sweeping across the room. His mouth parted with a smile, “Oh yeah, this’ll work.” He quickly found the tools and materials he thought he’d need and got to work on his project. Immediately feeling at home and in his element, he toiled for hours straight, not even breaking for a drink of water. As his hands worked, his mind wandered. He was brought back to his time in the city of Illul. Remembering back when he once walked the halls of the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration with the admirable Elvin cleric, Orrin Ellesar. His thoughts picked through fragments of the conversation they once had. “So you truly are interested in following this path hmm?” Orrin had asked inquisitively. “Yes sir.” Cavyan had respectfully replied, nodding his head. Orrin continued to explain his reason for questioning. “It’s just that.. you aren’t at all like most of the types that join us.. in fact you seem quite the opposite in some ways. We are normally quite a solitary folk that keep to our work and focus. You, on the other hand, seem to be a lot more interested in socializing, learning about people and making friends.. Just seems odd that you are interested at all..” Cavyan took in what Orrin had said with a furrowed brow and sincerely replied, “I am interested in creation and creativity, not what you consider to be the ‘usual lifestyle’ that comes with it. I believe that you can balance your time between friends and work and still be able to accomplish your goals. There are a lot of good people in the world, and it’d be a shame to not acknowledge them.” Orrin gave a half grin to Cavyan as he said, “Yes, but even ‘good’ people will let you down Cavyan, this you will learn. You need to put your faith in things you can have confidence in.. things that you create yourself.. you will find this with time.” There was a slight pause as they continued to walk, and then Orrin continued. “The others are skeptical of your dedication, because of your how they view your personality, but I see that there is more to you than that what they think. There is great creative potential in you. I know, you will make the Wonderbringer proud.” Cavyan finally took a short break from his work to wipe the sweat off his forehead. The words rang through his head once again, “…even ‘good’ people will let you down.. you can have confidence in things you create..” With a strike of his hammer, he flashed back to a much more recent memory. There he stood, with a pack of frightened kobold womenfolk behind him, Thor standing in front of him with his hammer in hand. “And what if I tried to dispense ‘justice’ on them myself?” Thor had inquired, eyeing up the terrified Kobolds. “Then I would defend them, for I gave them my word, they would be safe.” Cavyan had responded, holding his ground between them. Thor’s simple reply of “You wouldn’t survive…” sent thoughts rushing into Cavyan’s mind. The fact that Thor would even entertain the idea of killing him, just to go ahead and massacre a few little, cowering kobold women, made Cavyan uneasy. Even after the situation had finally defused and they were walking the kobolds to the town, Cavyan thought to himself, “This is who I am traveling with?.. someone who seems as though he could turn on me over such a thing? I need someone I can always count on, not someone I don’t know if I can trust..” Cavyan took a step back from his work, staring at the form that his creation was starting to take. The sweat dripped down his face yet again, but he did not brush it away as his mouth audibly said, “Maybe you were right Orrin.. Maybe I need to put my trust in what I create.. and create, I shall.”

Trail leads to Thentia

….Sara pleads with the group to find Dax. She said he was bored with his life in Mosstone and wanted to experience the life of an adventurer. Sara thought it was just one of Dax’s childish fits, but she never thought he would actually do it. Cavyon & Co. assured her that they would find Dax and bring him home. Sara started to leave , stopped briefly by the door, turned and locked eyes with Cavyon. For a moment it felt like no one else was in the room, then she went home. Azkain offered the group supplies that were pre-made for them and anything that was in the garden(Zivon took a lot of things) and also gathered the horses and pony for the trip.
It took them almost a day to travel to Thentia,along the way they learned more about Zivon and each other.As they reached the northern gate , they were met by the town guardsmen. It was 5 gp to enter town, the guard explained it was to keep out the troublemakers. One of the guards blurted out with a laugh," watch out for the brightsword" and then was quieted with a stern glare from the head guard. Aramis asked them if they seen a young boy recently in Thentia. The guards all looked at him like he was crazy and replied “many”. Aramis then asked if they saw a young boy with a group of adventurers lately, which garnered the same look and answer,“many”. The head guard stepped in at that point and told the group they have seen many come in because of the lottery that is happening tomorrow. If they are looking for more information they should head to the local inn, The Beacon.

Praise Moradin and Dwarven Ale
Moradin grants me excellent powers

As I entered the Dripping Beard, Drake looked up from polishing his beer steins and let out a loud “Ho-there Thor!” “Master Crownshield,” I hollered back, “I have come as promised.” Drake allowed me to set up my healing services in a well-lit portion of the common room and helped set up a curtain to partition on-lookers from gawking while I treated potential patients. It was definitely a different type of clientele than at the Tradeway Inn: more dwarves mostly, which was fine for my liking. As I treated different types of ailments, I kept thinking how much easier it would be to heal multiple people at a time. After a two-hour period passed, I ended up treating my last dwarf (laceration from whittling wood) with a minor magical spell to stop the bleeding, but instead of using one of my prepared spells, a rush of energy flowed through me as I suddenly had the inspiration to grasp my holy symbol and banish all wounds from the room. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me if that wound didn’t suddenly slowly heal right before my eyes. Mere seconds passed and I watched the wound close and heal as if he had never even cut himself. Gasps of astonished dwarves around the room suddenly looked down at their minor wounds and watched as their cuts and scars slowly healed themselves. I was intrigued as to how I did that and will analyze it later, but in a brilliant moment of clarity while all of the dwarves and other patrons were observing this wonder, I shouted “All praise Moradin, Soul-Forger, The All-Father, The Creator! His blessing is upon us! Master Crownshield! A round of dwarven ale for the house on me!” Everyone burst out cheering…

Skull-Crusher gets paid
A bag of gold will make anyone smile.

After the whole “magical-maze” incident with Cavyon and Skull-Crusher, Cavyon and I decided on how much of the haul we were going to give Skull-Crusher. There weren’t any magical items in particular that would have helped a big half-orc like him (scrolls, wands, that sort of thing) so we decided that nothing says thank you like a huge bag of gold pieces. We counted out 790 pieces of gold and I kept debating how to present it to him. He really didn’t ask for anything or wait around to see how we split the treasure up, he just went back to his job without even a by-your-leave. Being as how both Cavyon and I appreciate good work when we get it, we decided to just use the straight-forward approach. I considered setting up a trust-fund or trying to protect him from his money (some people just don’t know how to invest or save for the future) but after pondering it over for a while, my common sense told me that a large creature like that will relate best to a huge bag full of gold. I couldn’t remember the name of the place he worked at (I think it was the Paradise Saloon ) so I went off in search of him. Quickly enough, I found Skull-Crusher bouncing a couple of rude and rowdy customers out of his establishment and waited for him to be done before asking for a private moment of his time. “Hello Skull-Crusher,” I said when we were away from inquisitive looks. “Hi Thor!” he growled back. “I wanted to let you know two things while I was here,” I said with a grin. “First, I wanted to check on your hands to make sure you weren’t still having trouble with your wounds from before.” “Nope, they are good. They pound faces really good. No hurting,” Skull-Crusher replied. “That’s good. I’m sure that they are doing their job admirably.” Skull-Crusher looked a bit confused, so he just nodded. "Second of all, and much more importantly, "I continued, drawing it out a bit for a little theatrical flair, “I wanted to give you this as a large token of my appreciation for the excellent help you gave me bashing all of those monsters.” I reached into my Haversack (Heward’s Handy of course) and pulled out the fifteen-plus pound bag of gold coins. I placed the sack in his hands with a nod. “Here is payment for your monster-bashing skills. Plus a little extra that I felt was well-deserved.” Skull-Crusher looked inside the sack and slowly smiled a big toothy grin. “Skull-Crusher like gold. Maybe if Skull-Crusher not too busy, Skull-Crusher maybe help you bash more monsters some time and get more big bags of gold. Okay, go back to work now.” Skull-Crusher turned and went back to doing what he did best: scaring the snot out of people into behaving properly. I dusted off my hands and with a smirk on my face walked towards Drake Crownshield’s Inn known as the Dripping Beard…

J&H Part 2

I am sure Thor was quite surprised by Ariel, so I told Thor the story of Ariel’s parents and creation. I wanted to show Thor that I trust his knowledge of Ariel, but more improtantly, I wanted to show that Mosstone/Tethyr needs his skills & integrity to ensure no one succumbs to evil plans of many evil organizations. I told Thor we should head back to the house so I can talk to the others.
Once inside I was met by Cavyen & Aramis, as they were preparing to make themselves a plat of the mornIn spread that laid in front of them. I sat down with them to explain why I brought them to Mosstone, their importance to the cause and how their own desires can be achieved here. I brought in a surprise for Aramis, it was in the form of an old friend from Cormyr, Zivon the Lean. He told Aramis he was sent to tell Aramis that his father was gravely ill. He also gave a Aramis a ring that was his fathers, that was a family heirloom. Aramis seemed concerned, but I could tell he was holding back deeper feelings. He is really trying to show the group his “tough” side. I am really proud of how he has changed since his arrival to Mosstone, I knew Father Olmrek was right when he told me of Aramis’s potential.
I asked the others to join me in the barn so they could meet Ariel for the first time, it seemed to go well them as it did with Thor. I offered all of them the job of protecting Mosstone/Tethyr, all the resources of my home, my home as their home and finally I told them of the arrangements with the shops in town. Just then Sara came bursting in sobbing……

Joyous Acceptance & Horrific Outcomes

As I came down the stairs in the early morning, I was met by the company of Thor. He too, was an early riser, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to answer any questions he would have. Also, it would allow me to present to him my offer. I was surprisingly nervous, with expectations for the day.
Thor asked me several questions and I answered them all with the conviction of my desires. I presented him with my offer to join my group. I explained to him, not only the importance of this group, but how this was an opportunity for him to establish an reputation of his own. It seemed to me, he liked the proposal, but to show him my trust I had in him and the others. I asked him to join me outside in the shed.
As we made our short walk to the shed, we had a cool breeze blowing in our faces. The morning birds we battling each other with their morning songs. We opened the door to the shed and walked in. Thor stood a couple of feet inside the open door, as I walked deeper into the shadows. I asked Ariel to come out of the shadows and introduce herself to Thor….what Thor saw might have surprised the confident dwarf. She stepped out and dropped her cloak…..
Before him stood a 6’1, black hair that covered almost half of her face,pretty girl with a body that was half girl/half red dragon. Ariel had a womanly shape mixed with red dragon scales.She had a pair of wings on her back that never quite stretched out to their fullest capacity. In a shy calm voice she said,“Hi”. I watched Thor as his eyes grew very big….

Azkain makes his sales pitch

Something interesting happened to me today: I met a female half-dragon spawn of a powerful wizard. You don’t see that kind of thing everyday. This town is becoming more and more interesting…

Azkain revealed his secret to me stating that he trusts me and that he wants me to become protector of the Tethyrian area. While I’m not above putting myself out there for a cause, I’m not some sort of fanatical paladin just to do good for the sake of doing good. There has to be some sort of profit in the task or otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for bankruptcy. I mean come on, gotta pay the bills right? He appealed to my nature of becoming far more famous than I ever would be than just being another Thunderbeard. The life of a Thunderbeard is good though: good pay, respect, hard work, plenty of ale. Just the kind of thing a dwarf likes. Yet, the way he spoke inflamed deep-rooted feelings of glory and honor. Due to his impassioned speech, I have decided to stick around Mosstone a little longer.

Wrapping Thing Up
Where things got a little out of control...

Cavyon and I had an uneventful trip back to Mosstone. I was able to sell many of the spoils of war we had acquired and made a pretty penny. Cavyon received a modest share of the profits beyond what any normal person would have gotten so he was likely very pleased about that. I went and did my daily healing at the Tradeway Inn and met several others from around town. I’m really starting to like this little place.

Aramis (the half-elf that could handle his own in a fight) still wasn’t feeling well and Cavyon and I were in the right place at the right time. Orlam (of whom I still think is a gnome!) asked me to do him a favor and retrieve some precious gems in a local magical maze nearby. This maze was ever changing and shifting and strangely enough has no logic, rhyme or reason for being there. Perhaps it was some sort of strange wizard’s joke on the area. Nevertheless, I recruited a bruising half-orc nick-named Skullcrusher (guess what he was good at?) to assist us and frankly, the rest is history. I don’t exactly remember the total in gold pieces that we ended up acquiring (I lost track after 500,000), but I’m thinking this may be some shrewd joke played on budding adventurers who think achieving wealth and magical items is easy. I’m going to check out all of the gear we acquired. Likely, they are just props or children’s toys hidden away to amuse some sadistic wizard. Too bad I didn’t prepare a detect magic today. I would have been able to tell right away.

(Note to self: If these items are all real, retire and head back to the clan.)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
Some very good lawyering.

We returned to Kirkwall and were almost immediately made honorary halflings. Once again, this mayor is really a piece of work. He assumed that things went well just because we had a couple of prisoners. He was so grateful, he offered to give us the dead family’s farm as a reward. Now I know nothing about farming and Cavyon knew about as much as I did, so we kind of looked at each other and decided to think about accepting that reward. The trial of the five kobolds was very disappointing. I subtlely suggested to Cavyon that in place of execution or freedom, the kobolds work on our farm as punishment. Cavyon and I argued some very good points about morals and ethics and lawyer-stuff and we may end up opening a law-firm someday if this adventuring thing doesn’t work out. The mayor was skeptical about this citing that the way of life in Kirkwall wouldn’t be able to be preserved without someone watching over these kobolds as an overseer. Just then, Kiejliche (I think of him as “K”) burst in from his travels. Apparently, this human was a wizard who helped protect the town. He offered his son to work the farm with the kobolds and we thought we had an excellent situation brewing on our hands. Free labor, some money coming in constantly for us. We’d be regular lords of a fiefdom. As is turned out, (while I still insist he’s a figurehead) the mayor had the ultimate decision on what to do. Wouldn’t you know it, the little halfling let the kobolds go free. Seriously!?!? Send five female kobolds untrained and unarmored into the wilderness to either die of starvation, wolf attack or to get picked back up into the fold of breeding more of those scaly vermin? It was as good as a death sentence, and now that I think about it, maybe that was a good idea after all.

The halflings threw a big party in our honor. We turned down the farm as a reward and that’s when my opinion of the mayor improved a little bit. The little guy felt bad about how everything went over and gave us a bag of gold as a reward. After that little incident, the boar’s blood ale was even more delicious.


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