The Next Installment...
Installing the Next Mint?

A copy of the notes from the game played on 11/19/11:

1. Met Melrilial after telling Thor’s story to Caveyon
2. Melrilial was to meet a contact outside of Farthis, he was captured by an ambush (the half-demon), group was asking questions about dragon burials around Tethyr, Melrilial helped Azkain defend the Wealdath, the burial ground was at the Starspire Mountains per Melrilial’s information, a mining group is set up there and they are missing people, Pwent is the contact
3. Red dragon in the eastern Starspire (Balagos- “The Flying Flame”)
4. Group agreed to go to mine, human went shopping, Thor and Caveyon caught up, Thor met Sydd (a thorn) and Tyc (Caveyon’s automaton)
5. Left town @ 12:00 pm, good luck
6. 5 hours on the road south, 3 werewolves attack (Caveyon killed with spell)
7. Gargoyle ambush 4 hours later, corpse fell on Aramis
8. Met merchant on road @ 7:30 am, looking to sell weapons and armor
9. Met Pwent (dwarf), good relationship established
10. Bud, Thud, and Cud (miners) spoke about iron ore, gold nuggets, and mithril ore
11. Group entered third mine opening, explored 1st area, found ooze-like creature, slew
12. Discovered battle between Gray Render and Xorn, group chose to attack xorn as Gray Render appeared to be protecting humanoid corpse behind it (also, the Xorn radiated evil)
13. Thor holy smite on Xorn (and Gray Render) minimal damage
14. Found mithril ore.
15. Thor found dead dwarves (and humans).
16. Found captured and penned rothe (beasts of burden similar to yak).
17. Thor got frustrated and in a fit of temper grabbed a miner’s pick and luckily broke through a thin wall with a pick. Discovered duegar dwarves collecting dragon bones on the other side.
18. Monologue from an evil dude Thor had never seen, but the other members had- the bad guy disappears and left his cronies to fight.
19. Big fight
20. Good guys win, no casualties
21. Thor examined dragon bones, slipped, and fell in toxic sludge. Received special powers.
22. Remaining party member voluntarily jumped in.
23. Amazing powers followed.
24. Thor was offered the Starspire claim at a reasonable rate as the owner was looking to retire.
25. After consulting the books and thinking about it, Thor chose to purchase the mine.
26. Thor chose to branch out the ownership to his comrades with Zivon purchasing 10% of the mine and Caveyon purchasing 20% of the mine. They receive a percentage of all profits based on their percentage of ownership.

Where Thor Was...
Well that was unexpected...

1. Thor meets with Azkain. He asks for a teleport to and from The Great Rift to settle some personal business that cannot wait. Azkain agrees to help.
2. Thor is teleported just outside of Rockhome, home to King Thorbardin.
3. Thor is greeted by General Stonefist, Commander of the Dwarven Army (Hammers & Axes, battalions are based off of gems and then either a hammer or axe, examples: emerald axes or ruby hammers)
4. General Stonefist informs Thor of discord of the guilds and buyers due to missed shipments and financial payments missed. General Stonefist also reports that something is suspicious with the King.
5. Thor knowingly acknowledges hardship and confides in the General that he has returned with funds to suppress the creditors.
6. Thor meets with King Thorbardin and informs him of his finances. He has 20,000 gp in cash and another 60,000 gp worth of goods that can meet the demands of the most delinquent accounts. The King is stiff and formal upon hearing this positive news and treats Thor with very little regard.
7. Puzzled at the actions of the King (being his sire), Thor meets with the High Councilor and arranges the meetings for the creditors to arrive in three days to settle delinquencies.
8. Thor discovers that many allow situations have arisen over the three days he waits: guild masters are rebuffed in their usual weekly meetings with the King, several battalions of Hammers and Axes have been mobilized and deployed to different areas of The Great Rift by the King’s orders (not the General’s), and dark dwarves have been admitted into the palace under the preface of a diplomatic mission (which has never happened before). Thor is concerned that something is amiss.
9. Addressing his concerns to General Stonefist, Thor’s suspicions are confirmed. The General had noticed a change in the King shortly after Thor left. Irrational business decision, strange confidants, and temperamental mood swings have occurred, all which is unlike the King.
10. On the morning of the fourth day, a representative comes with a small entourage. He is haughty and cold, with a hooked nose. Lazlo is the representative for Nogard ehtfot Luc (no-gah-rud ATE-fu Loo-kuh), which is an organization that has a surplus of funds and pompous assholes. Pompous and degrading, representative Lazlo blatantly degrades the dwarven nation as an untrustworthy bunch of beggars and scoundrels who lie, cheat, and steal their way to “prosperity” directly at the King and his council.
11. Enraged, the dwarven high chancellor, general, and high priest pull their beards and send dark glances at representative Lazlo, but the King does nothing.
12. On a hunch, Thor surreptitiously uses his rod of enemy detection and most strangely, it points directly at the King. Stunned, Thor feigns an illness (receiving a contemptuous sneer from Lazlo and a few more choice insults about weak dwarven constitution) and leaves quickly.
13. Thinking rapidly, Thor quickly moves to a hidden alcove that he spent many a meeting at listening to private meetings and negotiations. While there, he buffs with spells and casts a dispel magic directly on the King, thinking some sort of enchantment is being the strange behaviors of his sire. The King’s features briefly distort, but then he regains his features.
14. Stunned by the obvious magical assault from somewhere nearby, the dwarves leap into action while Representative Lazlo keep shrieking that an assassination attempt was just made on him.
15. Enraged, Lazlo swears to sends bounty hunters after every Thunderbeard on Faerun and after reaching into his robes, pulls out a scroll and reads it quickly. With a flashy puff of smoke, Lazlo disappears.
16. Thor re-enters the room and with a cold look in his eye, the King orders all dwarves from the room except for Thor. The King accuses Thor of spying and assaulting the Representative (which Thor knows is a blatant untruth). The King officially banishes Thor from The Great Rift and orders him to shave his beard thereby removing any influence he has with the Thunderbeard clan.
17. As Thor attempts to refute these claims, King Thorbardin summons the Diamond Axes (personal guard) and orders Thor removed from the chamber. Struggling against the dwarves holding him by his arms, Thor repeatedly questions the motives of his father in the form of “WHY?!?! WHY ?!?!”, but receives no response. As Thor ventures once last glimpse of the throne room, his father’s face melts into the form of a gray, humanoid mask and it silently laughs at him.
18. Given the opportunity to collect his things (and money) Thor vows to return and free his people from the monster he knows rules his dwarven home of Rockhome.
19. Thor meets in secret with General Stonefist and confirms the General’s suspicious about the King. The General promises to keep an eye of the people of Rockhome while Thor continues his assignment given to him by the REAL King of Rockhome.
20. Knowing that money is in short supply, Thor give the General 8,000 gold pieces and tells him to make sure there are loyal battalions of hammers and axes that will help protect the people in case things get worse. The grateful General appreciates Thor’s gesture and gives him a new dwarven-made large steel shield +3. (essentially bought, but a better read that way)
21. Shortly before the teleport spell takes affect, Thor shaves his beard…

Interview with the Council
Meet and Greet with Important People

So I finally had my interview with the Mosstone council. I thought it went pretty well overall, but apparently, I wasn’t their preferred candidate. Caveyon ended up getting selected for taking Azkain’s place on the council in order to better protect the town. He probably promised them that he would sacrifice himself for the greater good or something like that. I know how he gets when he makes a promise…

Maybe I would have been the chosen if I had more time around the town during the past week, but I had my own issues to deal with. I’m just glad things finally are resolved, one way or the other…

Why doesn't anyone post anything?

Why am I the only person that posts anything?

Unholy Blight Sucks...
We fight a hot half-demoness and I collect gold lanterns.

After I defeated water, we continued to explore a few other rooms. I found a book that I surreptitiously slid into my haversack and chose to draw everyone’s focus to a note that was found. Addressed to Tock and Varliss, someone named Alu-alethra has been giving them orders. I would suspect that Alu-alethra may have also been the one to order the capture of Melrilial. While exploring the rooms of the well-kept catacomb (I guess it would be more like a lair than anything else) we finally found Melrilial. The elf was being held captive in a barred cell. We dispatched the guards and let him out. We identified ourselves as friends of Azkain and that seemed to resonate with him. He quickly explained that he was captured while spying on The Cult of the Dragon, an evil organization with a large enmity towards Tyr (the paladins were ready to confront the entire organization right then and there). Melrilial also told us that he was tortured by a half-demon called Alu-alethra. At least that put another piece of the puzzle in the right place. Melrilial dropped some big names, which were either important members of the Cult, or potentially names of evil dragons. Altagos, Aurxas, Buchembrallor, and Linus Saxannal. Melrilial warned of a potential attack in the near future on Mosstone and after making sure his wounds weren’t life threatening, he recovered his equipment and agreed to meet us in a ten-day at Azkain’s. He told us where to find the half-demoness and quickly left. That was a bit strange to me, seeing as how he probably would have had a better chance surviving if we would have stuck together. Everyone would assume that intelligence would tell you that, but no. That’s common sense, also known as good old wisdom. While I may not be a borderline intellectual genius (I’m pretty close), I am the wisest of the group. If they choose not to listen to me, then that their prerogative.

We followed Melrilial’s directions to the she-demon’s room. I buffed myself (and Lean Z) and we all prepared our attack plan. At first, it seemed like the she-demon wasn’t home, but Caveyon found a secret trap-door under the bed. We quickly descended and was assailed with magic missiles, darkness, and a life-quenching, soul-sucking evil blight that made it even hurt to breathe. During the battle, I wounded the demon several time and Zivon also did an excellent job chopping heartily with his large sword. I’m not sure exactly what Aramis did during the battle because he was invisible, but I’m sure he contributed in his own way. Caveyon cast spells and more often than not overcame the she-demon’s spell resistance. It was a brutal fight, of which I’m pleased to say, ended with a bone-splitting swipe of Zivon’s sword. The treasure acquired was quite impressive as the demoness had plenty of items and gold to spare. After she was dispatched and we chose to leave, I did my due diligence and collected every single one of those gold lanterns. I’m sure they’ll make a pretty penny to the right buyer…

Sadly, we eventually found the body of Aramis, who did not survive the battle. His wounds from the golem must have been more crippling than he initially let on. Zivon was crestfallen and vowed to bring him back to life because Aramis had done it for him when he was slain by a minotaur. We journeyed back to Mosstone and I did an excellent job finding the right buyers for all of the merchandise we have acquired. Everyone ended up getting a very lucrative haul, of which Caveyon received 11,800 gold pieces more in magical items. I have a long memory when it comes to making sure I get an even split of the profits from an adventure. I’m sure I’ll be able to make up the difference soon… very soon…

I’m rapidly approaching my goal. I just hope the others do not find out about my need…

So *THAT'S" What Was Down There cont...
Thor defeats water (and other things happen...) cont...

The catacomb went off in several different directions. Zivon continued following me wherever I went. The lean human had seemed to develop some trust in my instincts. Aramis and Caveyon explored a different passage and of course, I ended up finding something first. A human was hanging upside-down and upon seeing we were not whatever hung him up there, begged us to let him down. Zivon was quick to action, but unfortunately I couldn’t catch him, or the hanging man, in time. The heavy thud make me thing immediately that the man’s neck was broken, but he must have been made of stern stuff. He had a bit of a glassy look in his eyes, but I attributed that to the concussion. I introduced myself and Zivon to the man. He called himself Rouldin and while he was getting his balance, I offered to examine his wounds. While not life-threatening, something seemed off about the man. Almost immediately, he began talking about a beautiful girl. I suspected some sort of foul enchantment, but he also began talking to us about a strange new battle strategy. He offered a strategy that someone create a distraction while the others attacked the enemy while they were concentrating on the, well… “bait” if you will…

I volunteered immediately because I was ready to get away from this guy to kept referring back to this beautiful girl. Humans and their infatuations with females. Bah! A frothing mug of beer, loyal comrades, and the strong will of Moradin can keep a dwarf from dithering on that sort of thing! I gave the lads a chance to prepare themselves, then jogged into the room that Rouldin claimed had orcs and an ogre. As I came around the corner, there were a handful of the creatures that were shouting some obscenities at a pool of water. Now while I understand how much someone can hate large amounts of water, it was kind of strange how focused they all were on the pool. After getting the ogre’s attention with a well-placed thump from Deal-Breaker, they stopped shouting at the pool and focused on me. Now I know that the others were supposed to rush in and have fun, but Caveyon used one of his spells and once all the bodies hit the floor, there was hardly any fun left-over for Zivon or Aramis. Their weapons and gold were a welcome addition though…

After the skirmish, a water nymph came out of the pool. YECH! I don’t know what human’s see in creatures like that, especially since they just saw it came out of the water. Well Zivon and Aramis stared longingly at her, but the water nymph retreated leaving only ripples in the water behind. I was starting to get frustrated that we would never find Melrilial. I decided to back-track a bit and attempt to stone-shape a passage that was guarded by a magical rune. Zivon decided to follow me (he’s becoming almost a friend) and while we were gone, Caveyon and Aramis discovered that there was another route to take to find a different passage. Unfortunately, that passage meant we would have to swim…

After drying off, we continued into a clean, well-lit room that had three bugbears and three orcs waiting in ambush for us. Fortunately, they were terrible shots. Caveyon again cleared the room with a nifty spell and I froze an orc in mid-shot as he aimed from the balcony. His neck snapped with a satisfying sound as his body hit the floor. I noticed that the lights were coming from gold-plated lanterns, something of which I resolved to collect before the day was done. I became a anxious and trotted ahead, not really waiting for the others. When you are in enemy territory, you have to move fast and strike quickly, otherwise, they will be able to organize defenses against you. I burst through a door and there were four bugbears eating at a table, but the thing that really caught my eye was the large glass tank full of water sitting in the center of the table. It must have held hundreds of gallons of water and swimming inside were some strange fish-creatures that I had never seen before. Before the bugbears could even spit out a bite in surprise, I leaped towards the tank and smashed it with Deal-Breaker. Three creatures attached themselves to the bugbears and slew them quite efficiently while the last bugbear’s face had a close, personal meeting with Deal-Breaker. As I walked out of the room moments later, Aramis and Caveyon were curious as to what the sounds of broken glass were, but as I shrugged they looked in the room. I think they were pretty impressed…

So *THAT'S* What Was Down There
Thor defeats water (and other things happen...)

So we finally went down the secret stairs in the vegetable garden. The night felt like waiting for weeks. I hardly got any sleep, but still managed my morning prayers to Moradin. Praise him and all his dwarvenly greatness! It must have been that morning prayer that got me through the rest of the day, because not all of my traveling companions were so lucky…

A statue barred our way when we made it to the bottom of the long stairway. Aramis detected no evil in the room and walked boldly to door that was behind the statue. That was a bad idea… This huge, clay golemey-like statue animated and decided to pummel Aramis until he looked like a beat-up piece of dough. Fortunately, I was able to seriously wound the automaton while Zivon the Lean (I’m beginning to grow more fond of the tall human) and Caveyon (of whom has been quite cool towards me lately) did their part and the three of us combined to disrupt the magics that bound the creature. I must have wounded it more severely than I thought because Caveyon fired only one arrow at the golem, and it broke into pieces. I’m pleased to say it is now hunks of hardening clay on the floor. Unfortunately, Aramis’s wounds were more serious that I though as there was nothing I could do to magically heal his gruesome wounds. He because more of a liability than an asset as he seemed to second-guess his choices during battle and lost some of his vim and vigor during a good fight…

I trudged ahead and discovered a lovely looking treasure chest. A long sword, a pair of gloves, a potion, ring, and a cloak all registered as magical thanks to a detect magic spell. The gems were worth decent coin as well. It was a respectable haul for minimal loss, or so I thought…

A secret passage was discovered going down further underground. Feeling confident that Melrilial the elven ranger was close, I took the lead and was able to observe through the darkness that we were in no immediate danger. The stonework appeared to be of dwarven-make: smooth, straight, and level. The halls were clean and in good repair. I appreciated whoever kept the architecture looking prim and proper. Good stonework should be appreciated you know…

By this time, Zivon needed a torch to see as all of our natural light no longer stretched this far. We came upon a large hall, possibly once a banquet hall, and Zivon thought he heard something coming from far across the room. Now this large room had four statues and an altar and I thought that I saw Aramis shudder as he spotted the large statues. Fortunately, none of them animated to say “hello.” Zivon followed up on his lead and boldly marched to the other side of the large chamber. As he went through the door, his torch reflected hundreds of eyes looking down on us from a mammoth gibberling warren. The males jumped down and tried to get a bite to eat, but four experienced campaigners were more than a match for the wicked creations. Zivon kept them at bay by swinging his torch and the rest of us quickly cleaned things up. I found a hidden door (sharp eyes) and quickly cleared the rubble with a pick. There was a long cave, but we chose not to explore it as it was blocked up and likely untraveled for a long time…

We continued exploring the underground dungeon and came upon six ivory pillars. There was a pit trap that was tripped in the middle of the room by a poor bloke. I was just hoping that it wasn’t Melrilial.

We found another doorway and discovered the body of an orc pierced with needles. The creature only appeared to be a few days dead, but the length of the needles made me pause. They were too big for a dire porcupine and too small for a howler, so what in the world had needles like that?

We found another opening and my needle question was answered quickly. Strange humanoid creatures that looked like a cactus with long needles were standing at the edge of a pool. They looked threatening, but Zivon tried to parley with them. The first volley of needles apparently stung quite harshly as the stream of paladin cuss-words streamed from his mouth (darn, shoot, and by Tyr!). We quickly ended that threat and found a way into a catacomb…

Thor's Problem
Inner Turmoil

Thor understood the importance of his mission. He constantly had it on the forefront of his mind. ‘Do not fail young Thunderbeard. You are our final hope.’ The words echoed in the back of Thor’s mind. He understood why, even at such a young age, he was chosen to undertake a task with such a small chance of success.

His mind snapped back to the present as he rummaged around the house of the newly deceased Tock and Varliss, evil agents who guarded a hidden entryway to an underground lair. Appraising several items with an expert eye, Thor saw value that others might have missed. Commodities, trade goods, weapons, armor, and other items that were worth good coin to the right person stood out to Thor. Furrowing his brow as he looked upon items in the room, he hoped that the others wouldn’t discover his secret… his shame…

Farthis Village
Welcome to Farthis... Now Piss Off!

We reached Farthis right at dusk. The gates were already closed and there was no guard around to speak with. We noticed a woman through the gate picking berries near the wall. After asking her several questions with the answers basically being ‘stick it up your arse outsiders,’ we decided to camp out right outside the town. Not certain about the area, we posted watches and Zivon and I slept in our armor knowing it would be painful in the morning. It’s tough to sleep in spikes…

Eventually, the gate opened and we strolled into town thinking we’d find Melrilial and figure out what the heck was going on. A couple of guards stopped us and informed us that we weren’t to cause any trouble, but if trouble came seeking us, they wouldn’t help. I found that to be an interesting way to keep order. Moments after that, we were brutally attacked by a roving street gang by the town’s fountain. Maybe some of the town guards were in on this little assault and get a kickback for looking the other way. Some humans…

The gang was well-armored and equipped. All of their stuff fit very well in my haversack and I mentally appraised all of their fine-looking equipment. A little too fine for a back-water gang in my opinion…

We stopped at several houses and at a local tavern, but no one had seen the elven ranger (who you would think would stick out like a sore thumb around this town). Especially after the xenophobic racial slurs the “fountain gang” were shouting at us. The drunks in the tavern did mention talking to the mayor about a town treasure after I bought them another pitcher of weak, watered-down ale.

Mayor Crethium at the village hall was polite and very understanding as I explained the situation with the “fountain gang.” Contrary to expectations, he was pleased that the bullying gang was disposed of. They were thugs that preyed on townsfolk and outsiders and he claimed his guards couldn’t do much about them because they were too strong. I felt the mayor wasn’t being totally honest and surreptitiously drank a detect thoughts potion. As I waited for it to take effect, the mayor talked about staying away from a few very xenophobic townsfolk (The Cattle Baron and Tull) and mentioned an eccentric recluse named The Klab. I was a bit perturbed that the potion was taking so long to work and he excused himself saying that he needed to get back to work. As we went back outside, I felt the overwhelming urge to go swimming. I think I ended up drinking the potion of swimming I had in my pack. BAH!

The Klab was very friendly and had an excellent mug of dwarven ale for me. Now that is hospitality! He also gave Cavyon an arrow. Cavyon said thank you and put it in his pack. I didn’t think much about it until now, but The Klab seemed to want to come across as old and a bit batty, but there was a shrewdness behind those eyes that I think I caught once or twice in his glares.

We met an interesting couple of humans called Tock and Varliss. They claimed to not know anything and were very polite, however; after we left, Aramis told us his “evil-dar” screamed evil about those two. We decided to go to a few more places to try to get a little more information before we accosted those two.

The Cattle Baron was… interesting. Hideous, grotesque, revolting, no shirt, very rude-almost your typical baron. A young boy was peddling meats to the few stragglers on the streets when we sauntered in. He tried to ask a silver for the meat (which looked fairly decent for meat that has been sitting around for days without any sort of refrigeration-it was only halfway green!). The paladins both bought meat from the young boy who, upon closer inspection, looked beat up and bruised. Something was wrong with his arm as well and I took pity on the poor kid. I healed up his bruised with a minor spell and corrected the issue with his arm. The paladins questioned the young lad until the whole story came spilling out. Abusive father, beaten mother, trying to save up enough money to leave. Sad, but nothing that I haven’t seen before. That’s one of the things about traveling with paladins: they want to save everyone. Ehhhhh, but it was a kid, so I didn’t mind too much. The (wealthy?) paladins offered to give the boy the remaining money that he needed to leave Farthis forever with his mother. They suggested he and his mother flee to The Klab’s and hide until we came for them. He was overcome with gratitude and after the paladins cleared it with The Klab, that pretty much sealed the deal.

After that, I wanted to exhaust all of the leads for people who may had seen the elven ranger, so I went to Tull’s property and was promptly attacked by four large dogs. Not wanting to kill animals who were only doing their master’s bidding, I used a sap acquired from an earlier adventure to knock the dogs out. Sure, everyone else helped too, but after Tull wouldn’t talk to us, I ended up healing the dogs so they didn’t even have a scratch. Moradin’s blessing to banish wounds has become an excellent benefit for me.

Tock and Varliss were just itching for a fight, so while the goody-two-shoes of the party debated whether or not to leave them alone, I acted. I ran full speed through the wooden fence the back and after crashing through, got tangled up in some tree roots and fell to the ground. The two evil humans were waiting for us on the back porch apparently planning an ambush, so once again I believe my quick action saved us from potential disaster. They were a dark cleric and a dark wizard. Their spells flew at us rapidly, but our combined might took care of them before they had the chance to cause permanent damage. Their equipment also fit very well in my pack…

I almost forgot to mention something… After the two were slain, Zivon was very excited to explore the large vegetable garden in the fenced-in backyard. He took a couple of tomatoes and some tobacco. As we watched him take his well-deserved spoils of war, we found a rope dangling in the garden among the tomato plants. A quick pull led us to discover a secret passage leading underground. Zivon was so happy he promptly bit into the tomato… and became immediately cursed!

After a brief heated discussion, they chose to rest back at The Klab’s reasoning that if the elven ranger Melrilial was down there, they would have a better chance rescuing him at full strength. I wanted to continue on under the reasoning that if he was down there and still alive, the sooner the better, right? I was out-voted 3-1, but I still considered going down the passage myself. I came to my senses as I thought, well maybe the “fountain gang” and the dark cleric and dark wizard have treasure inside their homes that they wouldn’t be needing anymore…

Weaseling Our Way South!
Don't eat the jerky...

Whew! Apparently, the paladins had a grand adventure without me. Magic! Mayhem! Minotaurs! It sounded like lots of excitement, until Zivon was gored to death by one of the minotaurs. Although, when he came walking back to Azkain’s, he didn’t seem to let getting ripped in half keep him down. Maybe he and Tyr are close, personal friends.

I didn’t get the chance to speak much to the skinny, bean-pole of a zealot before I had to leave them. After I relayed Azkain’s instructions, we decided to acquiesce to his request. The three had several questions about details for me about Melrilial and Azkain, but since I didn’t have the answers myself, I wasn’t able to give the specifics. We traveled to Mosstone to gather supplies and to my surprise, Zivon the Lean wanted to stay with me instead of his friends. I was a bit skeptical at first, but immediately turned on the charm and began asking him questions to get him talking about himself and his friend Aramis (of whom I’m sorry to say I still know very little about, except for that his father is dying-which was told to the group by Zivon!). He claimed that he and Aramis went to school together and trained under the great Father Olmrec. He described himself as an evangelist (yikes!), but after speaking with him, we seemed a bit more at ease with each other. He is a fairly simple man with an overwhelming passion for Tyr. He just proclaims it a little louder than the rest of us…

We hitched a wagon ride along the south-road (I negotiated two gold pieces a head, but he originally wanted five per person). This slovenly smuggler was very rough around the edges. He just wouldn’t shut up talking and blathering on about trips that he had made and things he had done. He did offer us some “jerky” as he called it and while three of us politely refused, Aramis said that he would love some jerky. Smiling a crooked-grin, the smuggler pulled out a dripping-wet piece of meat that he claimed to be weasel jerky. He took a chaw off of a piece he was holding and gave another piece to Aramis. All eyes were on him and he experimentally took a small bite. He smiled and nodded as the smuggler asked him if he liked it then quickly threw the rest away when the smuggler turned his head. He was green for the rest of the trip…

After divesting ourselves from the wagon, we began working our way overland. We destroyed a pack of zombies that were milling around a broken wagon. We also slew six orcs that were slowly roasting a screaming goblin over a fire. The orcs fell easily, but the paladins decided to question the goblin while it was still roasting over the fire because it registered as “evil” on their “evil-dar.” Well, a few convulsions later and the goblin didn’t make it. I hope Tyr doesn’t count that as a black-mark on their souls because technically, the goblin was evil. Oh well. Another reason why being a follower of Moradin has its benefits. The orcs were well-equipped and a few minutes later I had all of their gear in my wonderful haversack…


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